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Michael Szanto, Ph.D. is a regular guest contributor on i24News, Fox News, Fox Business Network, and CBSN offering insight into economic and strategic issues involving Europe, North Korea, China, Syria, Russia, and the Mid East. Michael is an expert on International Relations, Cold War Strategy, and the Global Economy. He has researched numerous current issues including Russian nuclear war strategy, the Middle East Peace Process, tensions in the Persian Gulf, and the potential for war on the Korean Peninsula. Michael Szanto also routinely provides insightful commentary on the domestic and global economy, trade policy, and market trends.

He has appeared in the Wall Street Journal 13 times, and has had columns published in a number of different newspapers across the US. Michael teaches college-level courses on international relations and global economics. He completed his Bachelors and Masters in Economics from Northwestern in four years and has a Masters in Computer Science from the University of Chicago. He earned a Ph.D. in International Relations from the University of Miami having completed a dissertation on North American stock markets with a focus on the Nasdaq and the Toronto Stock Exchange. Michael has substantial experience with investing and working with hedge funds. Michael began his civic engagement back in college having founded Northwestern Students on Foreign Affairs and been one of the founding fathers of the AEPi Chapter at Northwestern. He is on the board of the Friends of IDF and is an active member of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Michael’s Vision & Philosophy

Michael is known for his intelligent and perceptive analyses of governmental affairs and policies. His articles and interviews are highly regarded by politicians, reporters and scholars. Mr. Szanto has a big picture perspective when speaking about policy and economics, and he is considered non-partisan in his political views. He enjoys intelligent political and economical debates where opinions can be expressed, analyzed and questioned.

Michael strives to provide his highly knowledgeable insight and expertise into current affairs in a way that his audience can easily understand. He possesses a unique ability to analyze, simplify and effectively communicate very complex concepts in a very direct and concise manner. By connecting with people through discussion is how Michael best spreads his wealth of knowledge and innate life-long passion for international affairs, policy and economics.

Career & Accomplishments

During his university years, Michael interned with Congressman John Porter. He was extremely impressed by Porter’s knowledge and ability to communicate with the audience on an authentic and passionate level. These observations and characteristics helped inspire and shape the way Michael proceeded with and developed his career as an International Affairs & Economics Expert.

Since graduating from Northwestern, Michael has been interviewed on TV over 30 times, including several interviews with Fox News and Fox Business Channel. He appeared in the Wall Street Journal 13 times, as well, and is highly respected amongst his colleagues.

Mr. Szanto is also a regular panelist on the local cable TV show Cahnmann’s Current Events Roud Table, hosted by Dr. Suzanne Cahnmann, Ph.D., where he discusses and analyzes various current events and enjoys sophisticated debates on some of his favorite policies and topics.

Michael is known for his intelligent and perceptive analyses of governmental affairs and policies. His articles and interviews are highly regarded by politicians, reporters and scholars.

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TV Interviews

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Completed his BA and MA

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